Beware Of Holding Costs

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If you are looking to preform any real estate flips, you need to be aware of all the associated costs. What may look like a great deal on paper can turn out poorly, especially once you add up all of the holding costs that may coincide with the property. Interest, taxes, insurance, water, sewer and electric are just some of the costs that you are Continue Reading

Selling To My Existing Tenants

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Most renters are not doing so by choice. They are renting as a temporary stop before buying a home. They either lack a sufficient down payment, need to improve their credit score or need time to catch up on bills. However, there is an alternative. Selling to existing tenants can help both parties involved. In most cases this works out to be the Continue Reading

Don’t Ignore Buy & Hold Rentals


There is more than one way to invest in real estate. While most investors focus on rehabs and flipping, there are other options available. One of those options is buy and hold real estate. This exit strategy probably wouldn’t make for good TV, but it can do wonders to your portfolio. Five, ten and even twenty years comes quicker than we would like. Continue Reading



While they represent the cost of doing business and are essentially the “nature of the beast,” summer rehab expenses are never a welcomed sight. Of course, you could argue that expenses signify progress. After all, you can’t make money without spending it. It’s worth noting, however, that the cost of doing business doesn’t always need to be as high Continue Reading